Culinary calendar

Culinary calendar for February

Winter taste

Our Culinary calendar for February takes into account the seasonality and the natural life cycle of the particular ingredients, and therefore, the dishes alter regularly.

The current special offer depends on the inspiration of our chefs, therefore a combination of their creative muse, and of the highest quality and freshness of the food, so that it takes the shortest route to your table.

Deer’s back


“Moravský vrabec”


Garlic cream soup


Chocolate cake Sacher


Garlic cream soup with croutons and oravian bacon chips

0,3 l | 3,50 EUR

Chicken galantine on apple chutney

80 g |4,50 EUR

Deer’s back on cream sauce with cranberries and potato dumplings

200 g | 25,50 EUR

“Moravský vrabec” pork meat served with stewed cabbage and bread dumplings

200 g | 10,50 EUR

Fennel salad with salmon, dried tomato and lemon dip

300 g | 150 g | 15,50 EUR

Chocolate cake Sacher

140 g | 3,50 EUR

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