Culinary calendar October Goose feast

Culinary calendar for October

Our Culinary calendar for October takes into account the seasonality and the natural life cycle of the particular ingredients, and therefore, the dishes alter regularly.

The current special offer depends on the inspiration of our chefs, therefore a combination of their creative muse, and of the highest quality and freshness of the food, so that it takes the shortest route to your table.

“Hokaido” pumpkin cream soup

Confit lego of duck

Grilled duck breasts

Apple pie with chestnut cream

Poultry pate with onion jam and toast

100 g | 9,50 EUR

“Hokaido” pumpkin cream soup with pumpkin oil, seeds and croutons

0,3 l | 5,90 EUR

Roasted duck liver served with baked apples and toast

100 g | 5,50 EUR

Confit leg of duck with stewed red cabbage and potato pancakes „Lokše“

350 g | 200 g | 17,50 EUR

Roasted leg of goose with bread dumplings and stewed red cabbage

350 g | 200 g | 18,50 EUR

Grilled duck breasts with plum sauce and pumpkin puree

200 g | 200 g | 14,50 EUR

Apple pie with chestnut cream

120 g | 3,50 EUR

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