We will gladly provide our accommodated guests with the hotel’s transport service on working days from 8am to 4pm.

Transport by a 7-seat corporate vehicle for the discounted rates in the case of drive-away of more than 3 people is possible according to the future options of the hotel and after agreement with reception. Transportation must be booked a day in advance and paid at the reception desk of the hotel.


Price list

Ponteo – Rusovce Schwechat Airport EUR 48
Ponteo – Rusovce M. R. Štefanik Airport EUR 15
Ponteo – Rusovce Main station EUR 15
Ponteo – Rusovce Bus station Mlynské Nivy EUR 15
Ponteo – Rusovce Parndorf EUR 30
Waiting charges/1 hour. SR – CZ – AT – DE EUR 10
Every new km SR/AT EUR 1,-


Price includes VAT.
If the customer is interested, the price includes the travel back to Ponteo plus the price of the demurrage charges.

In addition to our own hotel transport, we offer to all customers transport by Mercedes vehicles from our MB Taxi contracting taxi service. It is possible to pay for transport, in the case of accommodated guests, at reception upon check-out or in the taxi, according to the agreement with the reception.

Discounted rates of the transport ensured by MB Taxi:


Ponteo – Rusovce Schwechat Airport EUR 61
Ponteo – Rusovce M. R. Štefánik Airport EUR 25
Ponteo – Rusovce Bratislava city center EUR 21
Ponteo – Rusovce Main station EUR 24
Ponteo – Rusovce Vienna city center EUR 82
Ponteo – Rusovce Budapest EUR 179