Culinary calendar

Culinary calendar


Our Culinary calendar takes into account the seasonality and the natural life cycle of the particular ingredients, and therefore, the dishes alter regularly.

The current special offer depends on the inspiration of our chefs, therefore a combination of their creative muse, and of the highest quality and freshness of the food, so that it takes the shortest route to your table.


Wild garlic spread served on a crispy baguette1,3,7

80g | 4,50 EUR


Creamy wild garlic soup with croutons and herbs1,3,7

0,25 l | 4,50 EUR


Grilled rabbit back on risotto with wild garlic 7

150 g | 250 g | 18,50 EUR

Quiche with ricotta, wild mushrooms and wild garlic 1,3,7

250 g | 12,50 EUR


Carrot cake with vanilla mascarpone 1,3,7

120 g | 4,50 EUR

Allergens: 1 cereals, 2 crustaceans, 3 eggs, 4 fish, 5 peanuts, 6 Jojo grains, 7 milk & dairy products, 8 nuts, 9 celery, 10 mustard, 11 sesame seeds, 12 sulfur dioxide, 13 lupins, 14 molluscs

The weight of meal is stated before cooking. The weight of side dishes is stated after cooking.|Prices are stated in EUR, included VAT. Valid from March the 6th, 2022.