Price list

Ponteo fitness



Fitness entry EUR 3
Pilates individual 1-2 people EUR 27
Pilates individual 3 people EUR 30
Pilates, Bosu, Spinning, Deep Work EUR 6
Yoga, Bodyforming EUR 6
AY Fly Training EUR 8
Individual training with a trainer, including entry for 1-2 people EUR 26,60
Squash MON-FRI 7am – 11am EUR 7,30
Squash MON-FRI 11am – 4pm EUR 5,50
Squash MON-FRI 4pm – 10pm EUR 10
Squash SAT-SUN and holidays EUR 8,90
Renting a squash racket EUR 1,70
Renting a squash ball EUR 0,70
Renting a towel EUR 1


Outdoor playgrounds

Tennis 7am – 4pm EUR 8
Tennis 4pm – 11pm EUR 10
Football, volleyball, basketball 7am – 4pm EUR 14
Football, volleyball, basketball 4pm – 11pm EUR 20
Beach volleyball 7am – 4pm EUR 8
Beach volleyball 4pm – 11pm EUR 10
Lighting EUR 5
Renting a tennis racket and 4 balls pack EUR 3
Renting of 4 tennis balls EUR 1
Ball rental EUR 2


A place that will stay in your heart.

Ponte in Latin means a bridge, a connection. Ponteo Activity Park creates in a unique way a connection between city and nature, work and fun, activity and relax. However, foremost it is a place that brings people, family, friends, neighbors or colleagues together.

You just need to come and experience it once.