Ponteo Activity Park

Hotel Ponteo is a part of Ponteo Activity Park complex, which is a favorite place of work, relax and fun. Ponteo Activity Park offers 4* accommodation, restaurant with delicious food, various sport and relax activities, wellness and fitness center, bowling center, conference rooms in different shapes and capacity for meetings, events, celebrations, weddings, etc. Everything of the highest service quality and luxury that is hard to resist.

Culinary calendar October Goose feast

Culinary calendar for October Our Culinary calendar for October takes into account the seasonality and the natural life cycle of the particular ingredients, and therefore, the dishes alter regularly. The current special offer depends on the inspiration of our chefs,

A place that will stay in your heart

Ponteo Activity Park derives its name from the Latin word „pons“, meaning „bridge“. In a special way, it brings together town and country, work and leisure, and, above all, people – family, friends, neighbours, colleagues. Visit once and you'll be hooked.