Sports activities


A place to get yourself moving

For all who like to move and prefer healthy lifestyle in winter and in summer as well, the Ponteo Activity Park Rusovce in Bratislava offers a wide choice of sports activities.

Fitness center equipped with the latest machines suited to your body, a squash court, and in multifunction courts the open sky with a special cushioned surface, which will be appreciated by your joints. You can improve your fitness level or increase your muscle mass not only on your own, but also in groups, or under the guidance of our experienced trainers.

Anyone of any age can find a convenient sports activity which limpers up not only the muscles but cheers up the mind as well.


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Outdoor playgrounds

Ponteo treneri


ponteo skupinove cvicenia

Group exercises

ponteo individualne cvicenia

Individual exercises


A place that will stay in your heart.

Ponte in Latin means a bridge, a connection. Ponteo Activity Park creates in a unique way a connection between city and nature, work and fun, activity and relax. However, foremost it is a place that brings people, family, friends, neighbors or colleagues together.

You just need to come and experience it once.